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Faith 2.0 Church Consulting Partnerships

Sometimes churches die. It's sad, but it's true. Hundreds of churches in America will close their doors this year and sell their buildings because they cannot reach new people. It happens all the time.


But it doesn't have to happen to you.


Faith 2.0 is entering into a few long-term consulting contracts with churches all across the country. Over the course of a year, Faith 2.0 will work with leaders and volunteers to streamline ministry systems, decrease frustration and increase clarity among staff, members and the surrounding community. We act as a catalyst for church health, from the initial assessment through the building of a common vocabulary and the understanding of how healthy systems operate.


We answer the questions:

How do we define success?
How do people experience life-change?
How can we create environments where that kind of change can take place?

We're not interested in helping you meet needs; we're interested in helping you change lives. To learn more about Faith 2.0's consulting services, send an email to We'll send you everything you need to know to take the next step.